In this edition of Dispatches, journalist Jane Moore investigates exactly how much former bankers have been rewarded for these failings - and how much they are still raking in. She sets out to track them down and to ask them directly about their earnings. To establish the exact figures, Moore works with an expert to break down the complex pay packets of former leading bankers. She shows the extraordinary number of ways bankers were remunerated, from a variety of incentives and huge pension pots, to funds for 'extras' such as dentist bills. Moore reveals how much these bosses have been paid; and how some have been awarded millions more than has been previously made public. Dispatches also reveals the fascinating details of one well known banker's contract and investigates exactly who was responsible for controlling their pay and benefits, unravelling the web of top executives who were sitting on the various boards of directors and determining each others' pay. This is followed by 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth, at 9.00pm. See what they've done there?