Episode five recalls a terrible rail crash which occurred on August 22, 1983 in Cherryville, Co.Kildare which claimed seven lives and left fifty-five people injured. On that summer, night two trains were travelling towards Dublin on the same track: one from Galway, the other from Tralee. In the night fog, the Galway train ploughed into the rear of the Tralee train. Why did this happen? And how has the disaster continue to affect the families of those who lost loved ones that night? This programme marks the 25th anniversary of the crash. 9.35pm sees a repeat of the 20 Moments That Shook Irish Sport, including the kidnapping of Shergar, the lifting of the GAA's ban on 'foreign games' in Croke Park, oh and 1995's Irish and English soccer 'friendly' in Lansdown Road.