With Christmas over for another year, we no longer have to endure endless ads for perfume and party food. Now it's all about bioactive yogurts and eating nothing but breakfast cereal for two weeks. Yes, January may be a time for dieting, but the folks on tonight's 'Diets From Hell' have some weight-watching stories that would put off the idea altoghether. Touching on unusual and extreme diets, cautionary tales from fast-food junkies and people with eating disorders, the programme features a woman who diets all day and then binges at night while sleepwalking, a 60-stone man who had to be hoisted out of his window by firemen because he could not fit through his door, and an expose of the dangerous websites that encourage girls to starve themselves. If you've got a less destructive relationship with food, you may prefer to catch Celebrity Come Dine With Me, which follows at 9pm. The special edition of the dinner party programme featuring nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, singer Michelle Heaton, former Blue member Lee Ryan and interior design guru Linda Barker.