Have something suspect on something unmentionable? Well, you can join that downy-bummed man that's been accosting my eyeballs at dinner time thanks to this show's current ad campaign, and whip down your pants on live TV. All you need is a decent web connection. This here brand new live show from the makers of Embarrassing Bodies now want to showcase medical diagnosis as it happens. Viewers can watch or even call in for an appointment themselves with Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper as they diagnose cases from the studio while live on air. Callers will be 'seen' via Skype and offered medical advice and health tips from the team of health care professionals. Alongside the live cases there will be reviews and consumer tests on over-the-counter medicines and insight into popular procedures such as laser eye surgery. Live web chats with medical specialists will also be hosted over on Channel 4.com/clinic.