Apologies, we've still got a photo of the man with his pants down... they didn't have any press photos featuring tonight's topic - feet... This time the doctors are joined by a foot specialist; so if you have a problem with your feet now is the time to skype in for a live diagnosis (assuming they field viewers from Ireland - unlike The Million Pound Drop...). Callers will be 'seen' via Skype and offered medical advice and health tips from the team of health care professionals. Alongside the live cases there are reviews and consumer tests on over-the-counter medicines and insight into popular procedures such as laser eye surgery. Live web chats with medical specialists are also hosted over on channel4.com/clinic. If you'd rather stick with the medical scenarios instead of seeing Simon Cowell get booed on BGT (7.30pm + 9.30pm, TV3/UTV), there's 24 Hours in A&E following at 9.00pm.