The dandies and their easels return tonight for the second episode in this drama about the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood of all things. With the help of their new friend, journalist Fred Walters, the group have caught the attention of the pre-eminent art critic of the day, John Ruskin, and now have to persuade him to buy their work. The prodigious and impossibly talented John Millais sets about rustling up a "masterpiece" to show Ruskin. The work is Ophelia, and he chooses model Lizzie Siddal to sit for him. Rossetti, who is convinced that he is nothing without Lizzie as his muse, is furious with Millais for taking her from under his nose. Hunt, meanwhile, attempts a masterpiece of his own, with street girl Annie Miller once again sitting for him. Having lost his virginity to Annie (WHO could see that happening?!) , Hunt remains unable to resist her charms and is cast into turmoil as he battles with his strong religious belief and conflicting sexual desire.