Pat's grandparents bought the house on South Circular Road in 1924 and he's lived there all his life. A home to three generations of the same family, the clutter has piled up over the years. Its current condition puts Pat off inviting friends to visit and he would really love to have a functional sitting room and a guest bedroom for his relatives. His childhood friend, Rita Gill, lives around the corner and every week herself and Pat go to their local pub. Despite the fact they have been life long friends, Rita has never been inside Pat's house... until now. As Fiona and the team start to clear out the house they uncover some interesting items, including newspapers from 1962, childhood toys and even Pat's old ration book. With a limited budget of €2,000, interior designer Fiona Wilson and the Desperate Houses team try to remove three generations of clutter in just three days. For more home improvements; About the House can be seen at 8.30pm.