Philip Glenister plays Rupert Galvin, a larger-than-life American with a tragic past and a zero tolerance policy to the rabble of mythical 'half-life' entities that exist all around us. When he bursts into the life of his teenage godson, Luke, whose father died in mysterious circumstances 15 years before, little does Luke know what will be thrust upon him. There are supernatural forces of evil at work and it is his destiny, as the last descendent of the Van Helsing line, to smite the half-lives that stalk the streets. However, before the news has time to sink in, he is attacked by the beings (specifically a vampire called Gladiolus Thrip) he is supposed to be tackling. Throughout the series Luke faces an array of terrifying adversaries - including the half-man half-rat called Mr Tibbs, who bears a deep and personal grudge against a member of the team. This contemporary twist on Bram Stoker's Dracula also stars Christian Cooke and Mackenzie Crook.