The Beeb have got their mitts on a new sci-fi drama about eight astronauts in the year 2052, who embark on an ambitious six-year mission to explore the solar system. But things take a mysterious turn when they discover their assignment is not what they originally thought and their destinies are directed not only by Mission Control, but also by a powerful, unseen force. When two novice crew members mysteriously fall ill, experienced astronaut Maddux Donner is signed up and forced to face his demons from a previous assignment. The second installment can be seen at 9.45pm, and sees the astronauts get used to life aboard the Antares. However, a routine equipment test puts Zoe's life in danger when a hatch failure sends her into open space. Elsewhere, genetic-modification experiments are carried out in the lab, and Shaw explores a mysterious element in storage Pod 4. Andrew Airlie, Christina Cox, Laura Harris, and Ron (I was Buger in SATC, AND I was in Swingers too) Livingston star.