Keith Barry (Congrats Keith, you're officially our Noel Edmonds) hosts the show that sees one lucky contestant take on a battle of nerves, courage, risk, and reward (AKA open open boxy boxy) against the mysterious Banker. Faced with 22 identical sealed boxes ranging from 1c to €250,000, the player carefully picks their way through the rounds. Each box chosen is 'pivotal'. Players must rely on instinct, gut feelings and luck to get them through the 'game'. If you've never seen the UK version of Open Open Boxy Boxy, the ever present Banker plays a psychological game, enticing and tempting the contestant into taking his offer. He has one objective - to buy the player’s box for as little as possible. The contestant knows that if they can keep the big money in play for as long as possible, they can force the Banker into increasing his offer. And so on. The contestants have to play the game with steely determination and be prepared for the best possible outcome... or the worst. There is one twist, however. Each person who's been invited on to the show to open boxes for an hour invites 26 members of their friends and family to undertake the unveiling duties, unlike the UK version of the show (the boxes in that version are opened by 26 gibbering sorts who've been locked away together for days on end and spied on by Noel Edmonds).