Originally broadcasted on BBC3; journalist Dawn Porter explores 'all things female', beginning by revealing how the idea of perfection has been perverted to fit the demands of the beauty industry. In a bid to get to grips with her naked self, she is propelled into all manner of uncompromising situations. From hanging out with British naturists to learning a valuable lesson in morality from a larger-than-life stripper, Dawn ends up uncovering a whole lot more about getting naked than just bare flesh. Spurred on to try and change attitudes and expectations of the female form, Dawn sets about organising what she hopes will become the ultimate female Flashmob. The only question is, will the women of Britain be brave enough to get naked with her - or will Dawn be left out in the cold? I have another question - why can't female journalists report on anything other than appearances? Superbotox Me... Size Zero... the Perfect Vagina... think outside the box, ladies. Keeping with nudity; Naked Parents follows at 10.00pm on TV3.