In the conclusion of the two-part documentary, the naturalist travels to Burgess Shale in Canada's Rocky Mountains, where he explores how evolution gained pace once creatures developed mouths and mobility. In Scotland, he reveals that one of the smallest fossils found holds the secret to how animals began surviving on dry land, and explains the bloom of life during the oxygen-rich Carboniferous period. Considering it's Friday night, you might prefer to watch something artificially sparkly, luckily the final instalment of Paul O'Grady Live is on hand at 9.00pm on UTV. The last show in the series sees the host talk to actress Julie Walters about her role as Molly Weasley in the latest Harry Potter movie. It'll also see him joined by singer Katy Perry, who discusses her marriage to comedian Russell Brand and sings her latest single Firework. There is also a performance by dance troupe Diversity, who'll be scuffing up a storm all over Paul's lino.