It's the Who Dunnit that will never end, just who did kill EastEnders Lucy Beale? The suspect list has just been narrowed down considerably this last week, going from being just about anybody who ever lived on Albert Square, down to a good eleven or so.

The soap had great fun messing with our heads on Thursday too as we know now that Emma has worked out who the murderer is, so every interaction she had with everybody was closely analysed. There was that crucial moment too when she sent that text and a phone beeped somewhere on the square.... so we we all definitely know the killer, although we would want to after all of this.

Anyways, back to the story at hand, EastEnders have long said that they are going to reveal the killer in February 2015, but as of last night, they have officially given a date -  it's Thursday the 19th of February, halfway through the soap's 30th anniversary week.

This is also the day that Ian and Jane are set to tie the knot again. For crying out loud, can they not have ONE happy wedding day ending on EastEnders? Did you see the drama of Ronnie and Charlie's wedding day on Thursday? Merciful Jaysus...

Who killed Lucy Beale? It's our top 5 suspects, innit