With unprecedented access to the daily operations of Ireland's customs officers, this is the viewing public's first opportunity to see up close how the country is dealing with the increasing level of importation of illegal materials and substances. And wildlife. 24-hours-a-day, the ten men and women featured in this series work to protect the nation's borders. Theirs is an extraordinary job; the hours are extreme and no day is like another. They find shipments of drugs in the strangest places: a doll's house, picture frames, and - eh - the bottom of a massive cargo ship. Large quantities of money, cigarettes and cars are regularly seized, as well as a myriad of other illegal substances. This week, a suspicious passenger makes a bolt for the exit, a live snake (a Colombian Rainbow Boa to be exact) is discovered in luggage at Dublin Port, an undercover operation halts a cigarette smuggling scam at Dublin Airport and in Cork the customs anti-evasion unit chase down UK registered cars. Fans of Thin Lizzy stay tuned to RTE1 for Outlawed: The Real Phil Lynott and the Story of Thin Lizzy at 11.15pm.