In this, the second episode of the third series, Ruth visits Tapeley Park, a sprawling stately home on the North Devon coast where the notorious eco-activist Hector Christie resides. This grand abode has been in the Christie family for 300 odd years. Until recently Hector was running Tapeley as a quasi-commune, but he has decided it's time to regain some control - so he kicked out the hippies and called on Ruth Watson to help turn the crumbling mansion's destiny around. The fabulous gardens are open to the public but the business is losing money. Hector's loyal staff believe that his pre-occupation with protesting against supermarkets and GM crops means he's not fully focused on things. And that's putting it mildly. Perhaps Brian Cox's ample lips wittering on about the life, Universe and everything might be more to your liking (9.00pm, BBC2).