It's no secret that Julie Hesmondhalgh will be waving goodbye to Coronation Street in 2014 but did you know that the actress will be keeping that now infamous red anorak?

Yep, much like Darren's blue hoodie from Love/Hate, Hayley's red anorak has achieved cult status and that's why Hesmondhalgh was so eager to take it with her when she finished filming her final scenes. "I nabbed that early on!" she told Paul O'Grady on his chat show earlier this week. "I made sure I had that, because I think it might be worth a bob or two," she said.

"A really great friend of mine died last year, Alex Williams, as a consequence of childhood meningitis. He was really inspirational young man and used to go into schools talking about what he'd achieved in his life" Hesmondhalgh continued."The Meningitis Trust have set up a trust in his name and I thought it'd be a fitting tribute to him to auction it off to the highest bidder."

We don't know about you, but we think that sounds exactly like something Hayley would do too.

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