Yep, there are spoilers here, as below are details of one of the biggest storylines on the cobbles this Christmas. Now we know we gave away it's a bus crash in the headline, but if you don't want to know the who and what of it all, look away now.

A show insider has told the Mirror newspaper that there will be a minibus crash that "leaves some of the Street’s favourite residents fighting for their lives", and by the looks of it, it could be all poor Steve McDonald's fault.

It was thought that the whole story line could be thrown into jeopardy this week however, when it emerged that Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, would be leaving the show for a time due to a 'mysterious illness', but the actor has since cleared that up tweeting that he will be back to work on Monday.

Back to the crash so, a source has said; "Planning has already started on the dramatic stunt which will be filmed before Christmas and screened in the New Year. The staff of Underworld will be caught up in the horrific crash as they head off on a works’ outing in a Street Cars minibus driven by Steve McDonald."

“Bosses are trying to keep all the details secret until filming begins in about three weeks but more than one character will be hospitalised as a result of the crash and one Underworld girls will see their life will be on the line.

“They might have a happy Christmas on screen but most of the families will be rocked by this disaster early in 2015.”

Bummer 'ey? But sure at least we are all bound to have a better Christmas than this lot. If Corrie plans on being this depressing though, we dread to think what EastEnders has in store...