Ah, death. Doesn't it make you feel sexy?! Fiz attempts to put the 'fun' in funeral tonight by accompanying the person who broke her heart with a teenager (that'd be John Snape) to his granny's parting party. As they head back to his grandmother's to check the house after the service, John admits how he regrets ruining their chance of happiness. It's been an emotional day for Fiz and, with her guard down, will she let John back into her heart? Eh YES, just get on with it already *snores*. In yet another storyline that won't go away; Liam's got a lot of making up to do with Maria but he can't get Carla out of his head. Guessing the pair have history, Tom lays his cards on the table and says he fancies his chances with her. Liam's non-committal but when he sees Tom and Carla flirting in the Rovers, Liam's narked as Carla milks the situation. She'll be trying it on with Michelle next.