With Fiz refusing to speak to him, John sees red when he collects a flirtatious Rosie from town in his cab. When he sees her pouting rigorously at some boy, he's reminded of why things went wrong for him and Fiz (cause it was all Rosie's fault). When she refuses to get in his cab, John has a malfunction in judgment and decides to bundle her into the back and locking the doors. Speaking of which; Leanne and Janice find out they've won £24k in the lottery. The problem is, they're work syndicated tickets and Janice wants to keep it all for herself. Liam decides to give Carla a tinkle when he finds himself at a loose end, you know, to discuss "business", while Harry is looking forward to his evening with Liz but first he has to get round the fact that he was supposed to be taking Clarissa to a ball.