Heartbroken Maria wonders how she will get through the day as she leaves for Liam's funeral, and Carla breaks down and has to leave the church. Carla then decides this is the best time to inform everyone that Liam was in love with her, but Leanne points out the obvious and warns the revelation would hurt too many people. That and it's generally hugely inappropriate. Sally is forced to miss the service altogether because the police have new information about Rosie, apparently money has been withdrawn from her account outside Manchester. Dev sets out to ruin an entire family by confessing his infidelity to Prem, and trying to end his relationship with Tara. Blanche eagerly looks forward to her French trip, Becky is elated to realise DC Hooch is unable to charge her, and Roy receives a call from Hayley saying she and her wig are on their way home