Fiz and John are back from their weekend way and the first thing on John's mind is getting over to his gran's house to feed the 'cat'. But he's distracted by a taxi job and leaves without his keys and mobile phone. When Fiz discovers that Lloyd hasn't been feeding the cat at all, she panics and takes the keys to feed it herself... But food is the last thing on the 'cat's' mind - she's armed and lying in wait. Maria is still tormented by the amount of calls on Liam's phone to and from Carla. Tom tries to calm her down telling her they were all calls about the stag night details. But when she takes a call on the phone for 'Carla or Tom' about Lad Rags she sees red. Elsewhere, Norris takes his quest to win the competitions a little too far for Rita's liking, while Steve urges Becky to start flirting with other men.