Christmas Day dawns in Weatherfield with everyone preparing for the day ahead. One man with more to do than most is Tony Gordon, who has the small matter of a body to dispose of before he can get down to celebrating. He tells Carla that there's been a break in at one of the properties. Instead, he heads for the factory. But there is a surprise awaiting him when he gets there... The Platts' Christmas descends into chaos when the Windasses arrive earlier than expected. By the time the Websters knock around for the party, things have gone somewhat downhill and when Gary turns up, David and Kevin are seething. It isn't long before the whole shindig has descended into mayhem, forcing Joe to walk out. Another typical Christmas Day at the Platts'. Maria loses it at Liam's graveside (Tony has been busy) and Steve can't mange to get some alone time with Becky.