Tina and Peter are at it again, pretty much as soon as Peter's plane hits the runway from Paris. They go to the flat to 'catch up' but soon cause suspicion as the lights are on, when everybody thinks Peter and Carla are in Paris. Some spare keys are given and what not, and long story short - Steve and Lloyd arrive into a LOT more than they expected, as you can see above. How will Tina explain her way out of this dilly of a pickle?  Elsewhere, Fiz and Anna's worries over Roy's disappearance continue, as a police officer arrives to investigate the case. Also tonight, Stella is annoyed that Dennis has spent another night on the couch. He tries to make amends with Rita, but she wants more space. Think that space will end up getting bigger and bigger until Denis will be gone for good, but looking at how he has behaved lately - that may not be such a bad thing after all. Aww, poor Rita.