Looks like it's back to reality for Tina and Peter tonight, as Carla arrives back from Paris full of the joys of spring. Tina is left feeling jealous when Carla boasts about spending the morning in bed with Peter. Them's the perils of sleeping with your friends husband, Tina. Meanwhile, Gary becomes more and more convinced that Phelan must be dead, as Owen tries to calm him down. It doesn't help matters though when his wife rocks up wanting to know where he is. Surely he's not really dead? He definitely seems like the type of person who would fake their own death - you can usually tell that about someone STRAIGHT away like. Elsewhere, the surprise party is all set for Dev, and Stella is in charge of getting him there. However, looks like there might be some crossed wires here when Stella suggests they go back to Number 13 where everybody is waiting. Oh dear Dev, better luck next time.