We knew it was never going to work out well with that Phelan fella, but looks like he has Owen and Gary backed into a right corner now. They tell him they want out of the Mill project, but he just laughs and shows them the CCTV footage of Gary beating him up. Looks like it's check mate there lads, but hopefully they'll find a way for Phelan to get his comeuppance. Meanwhile, Peter is being his usual dog-like self, he tells Tina he has booked a night in a swanky hotel for them, but it all goes belly up when Carla answers a call from the hotel. Looks like it won't be Tina getting the swankiness after all, and doesn't help matters when Carla starts boasting about it in the Rovers. Seriously, are either of those women going to see the light about Peter any time soon?