It's all getting a bit Fatal Attraction over on Corrie these days between Tina and Peter really, isn't it just? Tina is mad for the slimebag, and it's clear now he is leading her on out of sheer panic she will tell Carla. Which is in fact what she wants to do tonight, considering they now 'love' each other and all. Peter will need to think fast to find out a way out of this one. Meanwhile Carla decides to put off the pregnancy test when she finds out her step dad has died, although it's only a matter of time until that one is confirmed. Phelan is still driving Owen and Gary to their wits end, as tonight he makes Gary dig a grave for a dead pigeon. Yep, you read that right. Also tonight, Maddie makes a show of waving at Sally outside the factory. She's becoming a bit of a laugh, that Maddie.