Well, take a look at Lady Godiva there above, decked out to the nines so she is, all to try seduce Peter. Ah Tina, what happened? You were such a lovely girl, and for crying out loud, how does Peter Barlow get all these beautiful women falling at his feet? Anyways, Tina is a woman on a mission tonight, and we all know Peter can resist temptation as much as a moth can resist light. Elsewhere, Anna is still in a state after her encounter with Phelan, who makes all our skins crawl at this stage. He calls around to the house tonight and puts the fear of God in her that he will tell Eoin and Gary what happened, will their sordid deal be exposed? Also, Maria is beginning her trip into crazy town, another 'nice girl gone bad' on the cobbles, noone's safe I tell you.