Things really start to come to a head for this whole Tyrone/Fiz/Maria/Kirsty love square tonight. Although to be fair, Kirsty doesn't actually have anything to do with it. It's all this new and improved evil Maria posing as her via creepy text. Maria admits to Audrey tonight she is in love with Tyrone and asks him to meet her in the park so she could tell him. N'aww, wouldn't this all be very rosemantic if it wasn't for Maria being batsh*t crazy at the moment? There's also the matter of Fiz, who hears about this little rendezvous and heads to the park to see what's going on. What's she going to find? Elsewhere, Carla is having an awful time of it with Peter, who just won't give up the bottle. While Eileen flips out at the amount of people living in her gaff, about time though. Seriously, how many rooms could those terraced houses actually have?