It's all about Owen and Anna this week as they try (and fail) to cope with Anna's revelation. The situation is aggravated further when they receive a postcard from Phelan, isn't he some b*llox though? Owen is rightly wound up by this so when Gary arrives in with a drunken Faye he flips the lid. In fairness, it's not like it's Gary that gives her the drink, although he does give her the money for what she says is a trip to the ice-rink with her mates, that old chestnut.   It's clear Owen isn't coping at all and ends up over-reacting and punching Gary, what will Anna say to this? Elsewhere, there's a new arrival to the Street in the form of Tina's mum, who wants answers regarding her daughter's death. Come on though, where has she been hiding all this time?