While it seemed like Carla was keeping it together for a while there, it all really sets in with her tonight as she goes on a bender with a worried Eva. Along with insulting all who cross her path, coming on to Tim and basically just being a huge mess, she also finds her former partner-in-crime Peter, who's also fairly wasted (naturally). Match made in hell really, this pair. The two of them head up to her flat and start drinking together, and as you can see from the pic above, it's not long before sparks fly and they find themselves in each others arm again, will she ever learn? Elsewhere, Anna tells Gary that she's kicked out Owen but reconsiders when she realises how it might affect Faye. Also tonight, Andrea continues to keep her secrets from Lloyd, confusing him and us while she's at it, when is that lady just going to come clean about what's going on with her? What IS going on with her actually?