There's two-and-a-half solid hours of soap this evening - if you can manage to wrestle the remote off the nearest and dearest. First up, we have Gary slightly regretting his one-night-stand with a stranger. Observe the head on him when he cops she isn't quite a stranger at all, rather his mate's daughter. Wooopsie. Lloyd tells a depressed Steve about the surprise party, but fails to persuade him not to accept an airport run, so Michelle decides to lure him back by posing as a customer. Deirdre finds Steph's charm bracelet and takes it home, unaware of whom it belonged to, but Peter moves it - leaving his fingerprints all over it. Gail is stunned when Les Dennis calls at No 8 armed with her 'love letter'; Leanne and Nick argue over their divorce; and Carla informs the perennially peeved Sally that she has to apply for the new PA job.