Kylie decides the best way to get David onside is to sneak out behind his back to go see her ex in her old neighbourhood, I mean WHAT could go wrong? Her trustee sidekick Eva comes along too as back up and the pair meet Kylie's old friend Gemma in their version of the Rovers. No sign of Max's dad Callum at first but he soon rocks up, and well, it's plain for all to see that sparks fly between the pair. Trouble is brewin'! Elsewhere, Tim is only delighted with his flyers for his window cleaning business, but Maddie soon realises everyone is noticing them due to an unfortunate typo. Aw well, no such thing as bad publicity and all that. Finally, Mary is only ragin' when she hears Norris and Rita gossiping about a possible romance between Dev and Julie. He's HER DEV!!