Faye is not taking to motherhood at all, unsurprisingly considering she's still a child herself. She avoids all contact with her baby but can't help feel a stab of jealousy as Tim lovingly cuddles his granddaughter. He's just mad about the little one altogether, which will make it all the more heartbreaking considering Faye reveals tonight she wants to have her adopted. Meanwhile, Liz tells a thrilled Michelle how Tony has agreed to pay for their wedding. Not wanting Steve to feel even more indebted to Tony, Liz makes out she is funding the wedding out of some savings. Of course Steve is delighted but Tony quietly fumes, which Tracey notices and tells him that Liz is clearly using him to bankroll her family. Looks like Tracy might be getting Tony just where she wants him... Elsewhere, Todd goes on Eileen's dating website and masquerades as potential love interest Jeff, telling her how he'd like to rub oil into her back. Unaware of this, Eileen sends a flirtatious reply. Eeewwww, he's a bad egg, that one.