Sarah arrives back tonight from Italy all bright eyed and bushy tailed and pretending she's over that whole killing Callum thing. David is not convinced though, and sure enough when he brings her into this infamous annexe her facade crumbles and Sarah legs it. Later on then David urges her to just go back to Milan but Sarah's having none of it and snaps that she won't let David dictate her life before letting rip to Kylie, issuing her with a stark warning about David...

Meanwhile, Michelle has had enough of Aidan living at the pub and offers him the Streetcars flat. Aidan refuses, claiming it's a dump. So when Johnny complains about the B&B he and Kate are staying in, Michelle offers to show him round the flat instead.

As Michelle gives Johnny and Kate a tour, Aidan arrives having had a change of heart. Kate backs Johnny as he argues with Aidan over who gets the flat. When Carla arrives, she's forced to referee a game of 'rock, paper, scissors' between Aidan and Johnny. Who will be victorious?

So yeah, it's eh, all go.