Michael is determined to find out just what Phelan's intentions are with Eileen, so when Phelan offers to drop her to the bank, Michael decides to hide in the back of the van to spy on them. Oh dear, not exactly the best plan of action. Think he is the one driving Eileen into Phelan's arms at this point but hopefully she will see sense soon because Phelan is THE WORST.

Meanwhile, when Kylie arrives at her client Sadie's house for a nail appointment, she's shown in by Sadie's husband Freddie. Freddie explains that Sadie has died and he'd like her to do Sadie's nails for her funeral. Putting thoughts of Callum's body aside, Kylie sets to work and Freddie is grateful.

Later, Audrey and David are stunned when the new work experience girl arrives at the salon and it's none other than Gemma... she's like a bad penny, that one.