The concluding part of this quite dramatically titled edition of Tonight continues to look at how the convenience store sector is growing faster than any other grocery market. More single people, working couples and older people mean experts are predicting that convenience retail is the big growth area. But figures released last month over in the UK showed the number of convenience stores actually shrank by 800 between 2007 and 2008. Whilst there are many reasons behind this, the continuing rise of the supermarket multiples is cited by trade bodies as one of the key factors. Tonight is tracking the fortunes of award winning convenience store owner, Ugur Adis, who owns Essentialz in Cambridge. In February, a Tesco Express opened across the street and he says his takings fell an astonishing 60 per cent in the first two weeks. Tonight introduces him to experts who say they can help. But will he take their advice? (they usually do in the end).