Channel 4's acclaimed documentary series returns with a first programme featuring the plain-clothes officers of CID as they've never been seen before. With budgets cut and morale at an all-time low, police forces over in the UK are facing their harshest challenge for decades. Against a backdrop of rising crime and last summer's shocking civil unrest, Coppers returns to lift the lid on what it's really like to police 21st-century Britain and its increasing disorderly population. From the armed response teams on the riot-torn streets of Nottingham to beat bobbies patrolling the quiet country lanes of rural Perthshire, the series hears direct - and with incredible candour - what officers on the front line really think about the job they do and the people they deal with. From hard-nosed police search teams painstakingly searching for evidence to wet-behind-the-ears rookies confronting their first junkies and drunks, the programme discovers how it feels to face a seemingly endless tide of criminality. Yet another new series of Shameless follows at 10.00pm.