This episode joins Tayside police's newest recruits as they hit the streets for the first time. Unlike most forces, police in Scotland are still taking on new recruits. Fresh from training at the Scottish Police College, the next step to becoming a copper is 15 weeks out on the streets under the watchful eye of a more experienced officer. The rookies face the realities of life on the beat and it's a far cry from their sanitised training classrooms. The tutors expect them to be shocked and not all of them will make it through the tough assessment. PC Heather Milne thinks they will be unprepared... At 10pm there's another night out with the Party Paramedics. A medical team in Kavos, Corfu, deals with an accountant who has inhaled his own vomit, and a battered and bruised patient covered in a mysterious black substance, sporting a four-inch gash to the head.