Meet three equestrians who just can't get enough of their four-legged pals. Noel Cullen was your average 50-something Dublin electrician. Then he met Gail Munnelly; his future wife and owner of Le Petit Daniel, commonly known as Dan - a young, beautiful and gifted horse. Noel, already a grandfather, came to riding late in life but is making up for lost time. Meanwhile, Susan Conley, an American writer living in Dublin, takes a two-hour each-way bus journey three times a week for a 45 minute riding lesson. Susan's passion for horses extends beyond riding time; she devotes many hours each week to maintaining her 'horsey blog.' And let's not forget Louise Magill, who enjoys showering her beloved capall with hot-towel treatments, pedicures and massages. If you think that a horse is simply an animal rather than a telepathic, magnificent, intelligent being you'd better meet these three uber-equestrians.