So, after nearly a month off our screens, the Irish version of CDWM is gracing our telly boxes with its presence once again. This time, Dave Lamb's comparatively constrained voiceover takes itself off to Limerick. Hosting the first night is radio presenter, Nadia Sakni. She's going head-to-head with Elvis fan Cyril O'Neill, country lass, Kathleen McKeown, yummy mummy, Jane Higgins-Sheedy and car salesman, Graham Culleton. Never one for holding back Naida is hoping to impress her guests by cooking a conservative menu to perfection. Will her guests agree that when it comes to dinner parties, simplicity is the key, or will they balk at the surprise lurking beneath her starter? Nadia's unusual technique of preparing her margaritas terrifies beauty therapist Jane, who manages to drink it nonetheless.