Tonight, four cooks from somewhere called Macclesfield take it in turns to stage their version of the ultimate dinner party. Handyman Dave Freel (41) is hoping to nail his night (apologies) with a combination of a gastro-pub inspired menu and his dazzling personality. But Dave didn't reckon on meeting dinner party queen Veronica O'Connor (54), who's soon picking holes in his night with her obsessive eye for detail. Rival alpha male, Simon Wright (34) is equally dismissive, as he thinks he's the only man for the job. Meanwhile Tina Panayi (45) thinks she's made a new buddy in Veronica, but little does she know how very picky Veronica can be. After two days spent boasting, the rest of the party roll up at Simon's expecting a mansion and swimming pool, so are delighted to be able to poo-poo his semi with a hot tub. Last to cook is Veronica; and after she put the boot in at Simon's, he's gunning for revenge. Fans of questionable comedy, stay tuned for highlights of the Brighton Comedy Festival at 11.15pm.