It's big, it's bright (check out the shirts) and it's brash! In an 'original new gameshow format', RTE 2fm presenters Colm Hayes and Jim Nugent will be set loose on Sunday nights. Their aim is to merge the big entertainment values of a traditional game show, with lo-fi video over the net to produce the world's weirdest quizshow. Would you trust someone you've never met before to win over €5,000 for you? Thought not. Here are the rules: Each week a player in studio randomly selects a question category. They then have to select someone they've never met before to play the game and answer their multi-thousand euro question. The studio player has a minute to choose an online player from the hundreds who are available to play from home on their web cams. Once they make a choice the online player is called up live over the net and appears on a large video screen for the studio audience. If they don't get the question right, there's always random guys weird weekly challenge. RTE brings us more new programming tonight in the form of Ballet Chancers at 7.30pm, which sees six hip-hop dancers train to become ballet stars.