One coach, six weeks, 30 cities and seven pairs of people on the road for a trip of a lifetime: Coach Trip returns in a brand new series. It's half travelogue and half reality TV (we've been informed it's the good half) as 14 contestants battle it out to remain on the coach for as long as they can. The starting couples are: Diane and Colin from Swansea, who have been married for 50 years; young heartthrobs Tom and Matt, whose priority is visiting Amsterdam and meeting women; twentysomethings Holly and Taryn, on the hunt for gorgeous men; Susan and Jackie, best friends from Blackburn; Graham and Ivy: Ivy loves shopping and spending Graham's money; Geoff and Anne, a married couple from Sheffield; and Deanne and William, who call themselves the British Will & Grace : Deanne can read the tarot cards, but can she predict how long they will stay on the coach?