Much loved (but not by journalists, 'cause he largely hates them) comedian Chris Addison takes to the Hackney Empire stage to delight his audience with My Funniest Year, 2001. Chris personally chose 2001 as it was the year he turned thirty (making the angel faced cherub 41. Chris, gis that youthful font you're hiding, I want a shot off it), and the year that the world changed. His childhood expectations of inventions like jet boots, anti-gravity pills and space capsules were dashed when 2001 arrived but none of the promised super products did. It's a lot harder to run a car on urine than everyone led you to believe. Chris talks his way through George Bush's public disasters as he became president of the US, Phil Mitchell getting shot by a hedge in EastEnders, Jeffrey Archer making a fool of himself, John Prescott getting into scraps, and beards suddenly becoming very unfashionable. Chris also explores the shocking life-changing birth of Popstars, the search for a new pop band that gave the world Hear'Say. Simon Cowell forced Pop Idol onto the screens of almost every living room - handing Will Young on a plate to middle-aged mums everywhere.