Child Genius is the landmark series documenting the lives of some extremely gifted children. First filmed in 2005, the programme returns for a third time to catch up with the prodigious talents seen in previous films, and introduce a new generation of child geniuses including Kieron Williamson, an eight year old with an amazing ability to paint who has been dubbed 'the next Picasso'. The Film follows Kieron and his family in the run up to his third commercial exhibition in his home village of Holt in Norfolk, where in just half an hour he sells £150,000 worth of paintings. What will his parents do with Kieron's extraordinary talent, and his unprecedented earnings? T he film also explores what happens when a genius child grows into a clever teenager. This film catches up with chess genius Peter Williams, now 14; and piano prodigy Aimee Kwan, now 15. There's nothing average about these children and their lives are a constant round of competitions and contests. But whose decision is it to put them through all this, and were these children born brilliant or are they the product of pushy parents?