In this one-off film, Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall faces his 'greatest challenge yet' (aren't they always), taking on Tesco in an audacious attempt to change the company's animal welfare policy. For the last food season, Hugh took on his local town, the poultry industry and the nation's supermarkets in a bid to change Britain's relationship with its favourite meat: chicken. As supermarkets nationwide sold out of free-range chicken, the poultry industry rushed to cope with demand. Campaigners claimed that the series had shifted consumer attitudes forever; but Tesco was still reluctant to talk to Hugh. This film reveals what happened next. It follows Hugh as he attempts to take the mountain to Mohamed with an audacious attempt to force the superchain to change from the inside, by becoming a shareholder and making his case for animal welfare at Tesco's AGM. Can Hugh get enough fellow shareholders onside to demand the floor and put his case to Tesco's board of directors? Hugh also visits poultry farmers to find out if higher welfare indoor birds, such as the RSPCA's Freedom Foods chicken, could provide more humanely-produced yet affordable chicken as people increasingly feel the pinch.