And 'by any means' they mean any form of travel his production team has lined up for him in advance. I thought he'd have to barter with people or hijack transport, but there he was last week traveling in a very accessible vintage jeep. This week, Charley's adventure takes him from the shores of Calais to the port of Bandar-e 'Abbas, Iran. First, he puts his newly learnt sailing skills to use and successfully crosses the tempestuous English Channel in a dinghy. From Calais, the team navigate their way through France and Italy, across to Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, before pressing on through far western Asia, taking in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. The expedition hinges on whether they can enter Iran and make it to Dubai in time to catch a container ship to Mumbai. Charley's passion for befriending those around him (and his notorious sense of humour) means they also taste the flavours and meet the faces of this eclectic part of the world - from a young Croat lady who tells the story of her father's capture and imprisonment in a concentration camp, to sharing 'hubbly bubbly' with locals in a tea room in the Iranian desert.