Charlie Bird is back on the road, but this time his travels take him right across the country to capture the opinions and views of the Irish electorate as they prepare to go to the polls. An Irish General Election is looming and voters are vocal. Over two programmes, Bird tests the pulse of the nation by travelling the country talking to people about the issues that concern them most. Polls and pundits will no doubt have their own take on how our politicians are faring but as 25th February will prove, it is the decisions of the people that really counts. Charlie talks to a wide range of people in cities and towns across the country to see what is on their mind. What is influencing their decision? What are the local and national issues that matter to them - health, cost rises, redundancies, child benefit, pensions, making ends meet, unemployment. How do they feel about this election compared to other elections? What is the mood of the nation? What political changes are they expecting or hoping for? And so on.