Charlie Bird travels deep into the Arctic, travelling by dog sled and skidoo across the ice, exploring the world of the Inuit. For you see, Charlie is on a quest for insights into a region central to the whole climate change story. On his journey, he explores some stunning landscapes, meets some remarkable people and finds a world changing with unsettling speed. In this first programme, he travels by ever smaller aircraft to the northernmost permanent community in the world - Grise Fjord on Ellesmere Island, Canada. There he sets out on an eight day sled journey guided by an Inuit hunter. Charlie finds out first hand the impact of global warming on the people, the landscape and wildlife. He will see the challenges facing the Inuit as their natural way of life has changed from pure hunting and survival to almost complete dependence on the government. Charlie lives rough with an Inuit hunter, traveling past fjords and glaciers through one of the most beautiful corners of the Arctic. He heads out on the melting sea ice looking for Polar Bear and sees first hand the massive impact climate change is having on this part of planet Earth.