Against a back drop of economic turmoil, an unpopular war in Iraq and huge uncertainty in the minds of most Americans, President Obama has faced huge challenges since he took office just over one year ago. With America at a cross-roads, it's a fascinating time to be a political correspondent in Washington. Just before Obama's inauguration, Charlie Bird arrived in the US to take up his post as RTE's US correspondent. This two part series follows Charlie through his first year in the US and gives a frank and revealing view of his experiences in the American capital. The series starts with Charlie arriving in Washington with little time to settle in before the Obama inauguration. Charlie is an experienced journalist, but he's now operating in a different world where his old Irish connections and contacts count for little. He's in at the deep end and feeling a long way from home. A trip to Guantanamo Bay will do that to you. For more Obama related viewing, there's God Bless You Barack Obama on BBC2 at 7.00pm.